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Aggressive Doubles Strategy - The Lob

Many recreational tennis players think that the lob is a “cheap” shot and its main purpose is to "annoy" the opponents. 

But the best players know that it can be used as an aggressive tactic to take over the net and set themselves up for a winner. 

Here’s how...

Easiest Way To Win In Doubles

When I was asked to express my opinion about which doubles formation is the best and which is the least effective at winning points quickly, I did not hesitate: both players at the net (both up) would be my favourite, while the two players at the baseline (both back) to be the defensive one and taking longer to finish/win points.

Here is my argument and why you should consider playing at the net more often...

How to Hit More Serves In... Under Pressure

I've always considered that a high percentage serve deliverability, especially under pressure, depends on... the player's mental strength.

As a player prepares to hit the second serve, thoughts of “I’m going to hit it into the net”, “My opponent will attack me” or “I’m going to miss it” often distract and impede him/her from hitting it with confidence.

To avoid these feelings before you are about to serve (second serves in particular) practice the following...


Cosmin Miholca
Coach @ WebTennis24



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